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CL1 Cleavage Creator for Men!

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CL1 Cleavage Creator
When I had a Glamour Boutique store (GB3) in Studio City, CA. I commissioned a studio costume designer with an expertise in corsets to develop a cleavage creator.
The Busty is what she came up with.
It created very realistic cleavage and when used under a Jiggle Bra made a perfect look.

First adjust the back hooks to either the tightest or loosest setting and then bring the system around and do the same on the front hooks.
Pull your breast tissue up and allow the metal pieces to lift it up.
Finally, pull the straps in and with the Velcroze fasteners squeeze the breasts to their maximum level.

Finish by placing the bra over the system.
The front parts of the bra will become invisible under the outside bra.

Sizes :
XXXS (28-29 inches)
XXS (30-31 Inches)
XS (32-34 Inches)
S (34-36 Inches)
M (36-38 inches)
L (38-40 Inchesa)
XL (40-42 inches)
XXL (42-44 Inches)
XXXL (44-46 inches)
Price : $ 24.95

                       USING THE CLEAVAGE CREATOR

First, hook the back part to the tighest setting.

Then pull your arms through the bra straps as if you were putting on a vest.

(On the first wearing the hooks often come undone but in future times they will be broken in and less troublesome.)

Now pull the front closure to your front center chest and hook to the tighest (not too tight) setting.

Starting on one side pull your chest material up on each side.

The metal pieces will start squeezing the breast material together and into cleavage.

Then open the Velcro strap and pull one to the far side and pull it to grasp onto the inner end of the Velcro strap.

This will squeeze the breast up and out even more.

Do this on the opposite side. Make adjustments until you are satisfied with the results.

Finally tighten the bra straps and pull them inwards to the neck so there is additional pulling on the breast material.

You now can place your regular bra and breastforms over the Cleavage Creator System and have the look of cleavage fading into the bra and then into the breast shape of the bra.

When storing the Cleavage Creator be careful to make sure that the Velcro straps are closed so that they will not pull on your lingerie or hosiery when they are put away.

If you are not getting excellent cleavage results then it is most likely that the bra is too large for you.

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